Sivanto Prime Sl 200 – Systemic Insecticide

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Sivanto Prime SL 200 is an insecticide for the control of thrips on Roses, Aphids, whiteflies and thrips in tomatoes. Sivanto Prime’s active ingredient is taken up into the leaves and stems with spray application. Sivanto Prime’s systemic translocation properties distributes the active substance rapidly throughout the leaves to reach even hidden pests.

Dosage: 75mls/100ltrs of water. (Dosage Varies depending on pest, crop, growth stage and local conditions).

Active Ingredient: Flupyradifrone 200g/L.

Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): 3 days

Re-Entry Interval (REI): 24 hours

WHO Class:  II Moderately hazardous Yellow Color Band

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UGX 20,000

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