Enrosol Oral Solution

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ENROSOL oral solution is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-infective agent, Characterized by quick absorption and rapid high serum level. This has a broad-spectrum efficacy against a wide range of bacterial infections and mycoplasma. COMPOSITION: Each mL contains: Enrofloxacin in 100 mg.


Poultry fowl cholera, fowl typhoid, C.R.D, Coli, coccidiosis and other salmonella infections omphalitis etc.


POULTRY, 100 ml per 200 liters of drinking water for 3 days. In case of salmonellosis continue RX for 5 days.

Calves, lambs, rabbits: 0.3- 0.5 mls/ 10 kg live weight.

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UGX 67,200

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