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Weed Killer – Non Selective Herbicide (Out of stock)

Supplier Vermipro Limited
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Vermipro Weed killer is non selective herbicide formulated from naturally occurring substances. It only kills weeds in contact, so care must be taken not to spray desired plants. It’s safe for pets, animals, ground water, fish, birds and bees.

  • Directions for use
  • Dilute 1L in 20L of water, 
  • Apply 80L - 100L of diluted solution per acre
  • Spray the target weeds until they are saturated
  • Avoid spraying desired plants
  • spray in the morning or after rains

Key Benefits: 

  • Effective in bush clearing
  • Harmless to ungerminated seeds
  • safe to aquatic life & does not contaminate water bodies
  • Chemical free and Organic
  • Harmless to soil microorganisms

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