Amistar 250 Sc – Broad Spectrum Fungicide

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Amistar is a broad-spectrum fungicide ideally suited for use in IPM programs in a wide range of crops to control fungal diseases such as Net blotch, leaf rust, spot blotch and scald. Amistar is a strobilurin fungicide based on naturally occurring substances found in certain species of wild mushrooms. The active ingredient in Amistar, azoxystrobin, controls a very wide spectrum of disease in wheat and barley. Amistar not only controls the key late-season flag leaf and ear diseases that erode yield and quality, but also promotes a range of beneficial physiological and greening effects, so helping the crop towards its full genetic potential.

Formulations: Soluble concentrate (SC).

WHO classification: III.

Rates of application: Apply at 0.75 ltrs/ha.

Other key benefits:

  • Stops disease even before it starts.
  • Delays onset senescence hence prolonging Green leaf Area (GLA).
  • Treated crop able to cope better with water stress (water use efficiency).
  • Treated crop has improved ability to use nitrogen efficiently and assimilate it into proteins.

Reg. Number: UgC/2017/001576/Fu/R 

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UGX 1,142,500

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