Engeo 247Sc - Broad Spectrum Insecticide Offering Quick Knockdown And Long-lasting Protection

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Engeo 247SC is a suspension Concentrate Insecticide for the control of aphids, caterpillars and whiteflies on tomatoes; mealy bugs, aphids, caterpillars and whiteflies on roses; aphids on cabbage.

Active ingredient: 141 g/ltr Thiamethoxam + 106 g/ltr Lambda-cyhalothrin

Mixing/dosage: In a 20 Littre Knapsack use 8 ml using 500ltrs / ha water volume.

Formulation: Soluble Concentrate (SC)

WHO classification: II

Pre-Harvest Interval: Tomatoes: 5 days.

Re-Entry Interval: Observe a re-entry interval of 12 hours.

Timing of application: Observe a spray interval of 7-10 days. Apply two to three times per season according the population dynamic. Use the shorter spray interval in cases of heavy pest infestation.

Main product benefits

  • Offering dual action of a quick pest kill as well as long lasting efficacy.
  • Highly effective at low rates against a broad spectrum of insect pests due to superior formulation hence very cost effective.
  • Improves plant vigour.
  • Protects crop from viral diseases. 

Mode of Action:

Engeo contains two components: -

  • Thiamethoxam: It displays root-, leaf- and stem-systemic activity. In target insects it shows quick stomach and contact action. It is considered to act by interfering with the nicotinic acetyl choline receptor of the nervous system.
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin: Is a non-systemic insecticide with strong contact action, rapid knock-down effect and excellent residual activity. It shows a repellent effect on ovipositing moths and sucking pest virus vectors.

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UGX 139,375

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