Proplant 722Sl – Systemic Fungicide

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Proplant 722SL is a fungicide for the control of Downey mildew on Roses and dumping off on pepper.

Proplant is a fungicide with systemic activity for the control of downy mildew on Roses and Dumping off on Pepper.

Mode action

Proplant is a systemic fungicide that is absorbed by roots and translocated throughout the plant to aerial parts. It disrupts the formation of fungal cell walls by interfering with synthesis of phospholipids and Fatty Acids. It affects mycelia growth, spore production and germination. It has limited systemic activity when applied to the leaves.

Active Ingredient: Propamocarb hydrochloride 722g/L

Recommendations for use:

Roses (Downy Mildew): Foliar spray - 1.5-3ltrs/Ha, 150-300mls/100ltrs of water or 30-60mls/20ltrs of water sat a spray interval of 7-10 days; Drenching - `3-6ltrs/Ha, apply on moist soil.

Pepper (Dumping off): Foliar spray – 0.8ltrs/Ha, 80mls/100ltrs of water, 15mls/20ltrs of water at an application interval of 7-10 days. Drenching – 1ltr/Ha, apply on moist soil.

Pre-Harvest interval: Pepper 3 days

Re-Entry Interval: 6 hours.

Preparation of spray mixture:

Half fill the spray tank (Knapsack) with water. Add the required amount of Proplant then fill water to the required level and mix or agitate thoroughly to uniformity. Ensure that the mixture is used the same day.

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UGX 95,800

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