Ultraphos 56% –Fumigation Tablets.

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Ultraphos tablets are very effective for the control of stored product pests in stored commodities, processed foods and animal feeds. It can be used to control eggs and/or larvae, pupae and/or adults of the following stored product pests: grain moth, bean weevil, cadelle, cigarette beetle, coffee bean weevil, Flour beetle, dried fruit beetles, flat grain beetles, granary weevil, Indian meal moth, raisin moth, red-legged ham beetle, rice weevil, rust-red flour beetle, saw tooth grain beetle, skin and hide beetles, stored product mites, tobacco moth, tropical warehouse moth, warehouse beetle. Treatment for these pests at specified rates will also kill cockroaches, rats and mice present.

Active Ingredient: Aluminium Phosphide 560g/kg.

Directions for use:

Restraints: Do not use when commodity temperature is below 15oC and/or the relative humidity within the structure is high or with raw cereal grain, the moisture content should be less than 9%, Don’t fumigate in inhabited buildings, Don’t use on any commodity, empty containers, railcars or vessels that are in transit, Don’t heap tablets, Don’t apply as a surface-only treatment in a structure whose height exceeds twice its width.

Dosage and application:

Raw cereal grains such as maize, barley, oats, rice, rye, millet, wheat and other food commodities such as flour, milled cereal products, bulk stock feeds and dried fruits,

All sealed structures: 3 tablets/2m2, minimum exposure period of 10 days.

Small structures, enclosures of less than 300 tonnes: 3 tablets/2m2, minimum exposure period of 20 days.

Bolted steal silos, horizontal sheds, bag stacks under plastic sheeting: 3 tablets/2m2, with minimum exposure period of 20 days.

Open topped concrete silos without plastic sheeting: 5 tablets/2m2 with minimum exposure period of 20 days.

Tobacco: Bales, hogsheads, cases in well-sealed fumigation enclosers: 3 tablets/2m2 with a 7 days minimum exposure period.

Well-sealed empty warehouses, elevators, stores, etc:  3 tablets/2m2, minimum exposure period of 10 days. 

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UGX 48,900

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