Actellic Super

Supplier Twiga Chemical Industries (U) Ltd
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UGX 6,690

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Actellic Super has fum gant, stomach and contact activity against insect pests. Pirimiphos4ethyl through its fumigant activitv effectively controls weevds and other pests while Permethrin through its contact and stomach activity effectively controls Larger grain borer.

For best results. grain should be treated at the time of storing. Established infestations are difficult to control. Good coverage is important though fumigant action partially compensates for this. Treated grain is protected for at least six months.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Pirimiphos-Methyl (169 kg) Permethnn (3g / kg) FORMULATION Dusting powder

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200 g

UGX 6,690

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UGX 341,100

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