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Fruit Fly Attractant (Out of stock)

Supplier Holland Greentech
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Fruit Fly Attractant is a Fruit fly luring substance for monitoring and trapping Drosophila suzuki in various fruit crops.

Directions for use

Always use in combination with a drososan Trap:

Pour approx. 200 ml of the Fruit Fly Attractant into the Drosasan trap

Hang the trap to a branch or stick using the enclosed hook.

Hang the traps when the temperature is above 10 °C and the fruits on the trees/bushes are just starting to develop.

The most effective place to hang the traps is in the shade along the edges of the field, in the hedge and in the crop.

If the crop is low, the traps should be hung at least one meter above the ground. In other crops, the traps should be hung at the same level as the crops.

Fill the trap with new luring substance if it is too heavily contaminated by flies or when the it has evaporated.

The traps will catch fewer Drosophila suzukii as the fruit starts to ripen.

  • Preventive: 1-2 traps per 1000m2
  • Curative light: 7-10 traps per 1000m2
  • Curative heavy: 20 traps per 1000m2 - When fruit damage is visible


  • In closed packaging at of 2 -30 °C
  • Store in dry and dark place

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