Mospilan 200 Sp - Systemic And Translaminar Insecticide

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Mospilan 200 SP is an insecticide for controlling aphids, thrips and whiteflies in roses and French beans. It is a foliage-applied and the active ingredient disturbs the transfer of impulses in the nervous system of the pests differently from organophosphorus, carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides.

Mospilan 200 SP also act on pests that have partly or completely become resistant to the above mentioned. Mospilan 200 SP is a systemic and translaminar insecticide and is hence evenly distributed in the plant so as to provide protection.

Mode of action: Acetamiprid is a systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action which disturbs the transfer of impulses in the nervous system.

Direction of use:

  • French beans (Against Aphids, thrips and whiteflies): 5 g/20 litres
  • Roses (Against Aphids, thrips and whiteflies) 5 g/20 litres
  • Rate of application: 200g/ha
  • Pre-Harvest Interval: French beans, 7 days
  • Re-Entry Period: 12 hours. Treated areas should not be entered before spray deposit on leaf surfaces has dried, unless wearing protective clothing.
  • Preparation of the spray liquid and application: Ensure that the sprayer and the spray equipment are clean and correctly calibrated pour the required quantity of Mospilan 200 SP into spray tank, which is half-filled with clean water with the agitation system in operation. Continue agitation during spraying until the tank is completely empty. Spray immediately after mixing. Mospilan 200 SP should be applied as a full cover spray.

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