Ravaiya Slender – High Yielding Eggplant Variety With Purple Coloured Fruits

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Ravaiya slender is an early maturing, high yielding variety. The fruits are slender, purple coloured and borne in bunches of 3-4. This variety is popular in fresh export market.

Ravaiya plant produces long purple Eggplant. These seeds produce stocky, productive plants that bear more than four fruits per plant. It produces dark purple, relatively long and slightly club shaped 15-20 cm long and around 5cm in diameter. The flesh is firm and mild in flavour, and it’s lovely when cooked, taking on the flavours it is cooked with. This eggplant can thrive in diverse and harsh weather and environment. It can be grown in different ways I.e., pots, bags and different methods of urban gardening.

Key Features:

  • Vigorous and high yielding eggplant.
  • Plants put on more than four fruits per plant.
  • Fruits are 15-20cm long and about 5cm in diameter at the widest part.
  • Open pollinated variety.
  • Matures in 60-70 days.

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