Thiovit Jet – Broad Spectrum Fungicide

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Thiovit Jet provides superior contact, fumigant and residual activity against mites and powdery mildew, due to its optimum particle size. It is used in a wide range of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, coffee, tea, cashews and field crops.

Rates of Applications: Citrus: 40-160g/20ltrs, Coffee: 0-80g/20ltrs, Grapes: 80-160g/20ltrs, Ornamentals: 40-160g/20ltrs, Tea: 60g/20ltrs.

Active ingredient: 80g/ltr. Sulphur (elemental).

Formulation: Wettable Granules(WG).

WHO classification: III.

Mode of Action:

Thiovit Jet is a water dispersible granule and offers excellent contact and vapour action. Thiovit Jet uptake by plants is through roots as sulphate and through roots and leaf cuticle as sulphur dioxide. It acts by contact and through the vapour phase enhanced by the sublimation of the sulphur. Contact action relies upon good leaf coverage and the close proximity with the fungus. Vapour action depends upon the surface of contact with the air and the level of sublimation. It has a long residual activity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Highly preventive against powdery mildew.
  • It prevents and corrects sulphur deficiency.
  • Broad spectrum – one solution for many problems.
  • Suppresses mites infestation.
  • Safe to the user because of dustless formulation.

Reg. Number: UgC/2018/001799/Fu/RRRRRR 

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UGX 28,500

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