Hormoril 6 – Rooting Powder

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Hormoril 6 is a rooting powder designated for use on herbaceous, greenwood, softwood cuttings.

Directions for use.

  1. Choose healthy and vigorous cuttings according to the recommended practice for each plant.
  2. If cuttings are not vigorous or fresh put them in moist condition.
  3. Dip lower part of the cuttings in the powder.
  4. Remove overdose residues by shaking the cuttings in the container.
  5. Plant in rooting substrate
  6. Dispose the remains of the substrata in a proper way approved for pesticides.

Hormoril 6 can be used in: Carnation, Gypsophila, Rose and other cuttings.

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UGX 148,500

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