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Chives are a perennial member of the onion family that sport beautiful edible flowers. Plus, they're a wonderful companion plant that helps deter pests. Chives are a nutrient-dense food. This means that they are low in calories but high in beneficial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Chives contain a range of beneficial nutrients that may offer some health benefits. Leaves can be used to flavor salads, dips, soups, stews, vinegars, cheese dishes sour cream and butter. Flavor is much milder and more subtle than other members of the onion family.

Gardening tips

  • Chives prefer a full sun location and are tolerant of a wide variety of soils but will grow best in soils that are high in organic matter.
  • Chives are easily grown in pots placed in a sunny location. Use pots with good drainage and fill with a prepared soil mix. Water to maintain uniform soil moisture

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UGX 3,500

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