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Crimson Sweet Water Melon – A Superior Variety With Good Fruit Setting Ability (Out of stock)

Supplier Syova Seed (U) Ltd
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Crimson sweet Watermelon is a superior variety with good fruit setting ability. Fruits of Crimson sweet are round in shape with an average fruit weight of 7-8 kg with some going up to 10 kg. The melon is light green with dark green stripes. This melon is even prettier on the inside, with exceptionally deep red flesh that’s sweet and luscious. The super watermelon has a good transport and keeping qualities. and yields up to 20-25 Tons/acre. Crimson Sweet vines need room to grow, spreading up to 3 meters.

Key Features:

  • A very popular hybrid with oblong shaped fruits and very sweet red flesh.
  • Maturity 85 days from planting
  • Fruit weight 7 – 8 Kgs
  • Plant vigor very strong with green striped skin
  • Excellent storage and transportability traits.
  • Resistances / Tolerances: Fusarium, Anthracnose

 Garden hints: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season.

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