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Rollertrap – Yellow Sticky Ribbon For Insect Control (Out of stock)

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UGX 184,400

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Product details

Rollertrap is used to trap white fly, leaf-miner, aphid, thrips and fungus gnats in spots with a great pest pressure or areas in the greenhouse where a high pest pressure is expected, for example along gables, ventilation windows and (other) draughty places.

How it works

Pests are attracted to the yellow colour of the sticky ribbon and get caught in the glue.

Directions for use

  • Before hanging up, make sure the Rollertraps are at least at room temperature. The glue will be softer and the traps will unroll easier.
  • Place Rollertrap in areas where high pest pressure is expected, such as gables, ventilation windows and places of draft.
  • Rollertrap should be hung above the crop when the crop is still low. In ornamental crops you can use Rollertrap year-round. In tall crops such as cucumber, tomato and pepper, the best time for placement is either just before or after the first planting.
  • Attach the Rollertrap to crop wires, greenhouse poles, or other supportive structures.
  • Place the Rollertrap approximately 25 cm above the crop for the small Rollertrap and 40 cm for large Rollertrap
  • To assist with placement, insert a rod or other expedient through the center opening of the roll which will allow the Rollertrap to spin freely while unrolling.
  • At the beginning and end of each run, cut the trap approximately 40 cm longer than the support structure. Wrap the extra around the support and secure with staples or clips. It may be necessary to secure the Rollertrap mid run to provide additional support.
  • It is recommended to replace the Rollertrap after five months.

Best working conditions Rollertrap

Rollertraps should preferably be installed when the crop is still low. When it comes to ornamental crops, you can use the Rollertraps basically year-round, but with vegetable crops you best install them after the first planting or just before planting. It is advised to use one Rollertrap per two or three greenhouse bays and depending on the pest pressure (to be expected) choose small or large Rollertraps.

Dosage/Quantity required

The information given below is merely indicative. Tailored advice can be provided if information is available on the local factors that need to be taken into account, such as the crop, the climate conditions and the level of infestation


  • Light curative: 1/1000 m²,
  • Heavy Curative: 1/500 m²

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Roll ( 100 meters )

UGX 184,400

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