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Sparkle Rz ( 88-001) – Cultivated Rocket (Out of stock)

Supplier Holland Greentech
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UGX 8,100

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Product details

Sparkle RZ is a unique and innovative round leaf cultivated rocket with an incredible taste and excellent shelf life. This type can be used as a new leaf yet still offering the desirable rocket flavour. It has good germination and vigour in all conditions. The taste remains very stable throughout the growing season.

Special attributes

  • Round leaf Ercua type.
  • Dark green, thick leaves.
  • With a strong Rucola flavour.
  • Usable as baby leaf or as whole baby plant (corn salad).
  • Good shelf life.
  • Strong against 2 strains of Peronospora.
  • Year-round growing period.
  • After 1st cut, leaves get more incised.

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5000 Seeds

UGX 8,100

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