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Karina - Carrot (Out of stock)

Supplier Nsanja Agrochemicals Ltd
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UGX 91,800

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Has a uniform shape, great colour and sweet taste, Very good for the fresh market and processing, Heavy yielder, Resistance to Alternaria and high tolerance to powdery mildew, Large and vigorous foliage with strong root attachment, Excellent core and external colour with minimal green shoulder, Early maturing, harvestable in 85-125 days from sowing, Very uniform root shape that’s near cylindrical with an average length of 18-22 cm, Has exceptional orange colour and flavour, Excellent tolerance to breakage and cracking. Spacing: Beds that are 1-2m wide containing 5 - 7 rows, 17 - 25cm apart can be used, Seed rate: 1000g.

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100000 Seeds

UGX 91,800

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