Cattle Shed/poultry Shed

Supplier Silfra Enviro (U) Limited
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UGX 797,200

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Cattle Shed/Poultry Shed is used to protect animals from different weather conditions such as extreme sun and rainfall.


  • Well ventilated
  • Can protect animals from rain, heat and cold
  • Can protect animals in both low and high temperatures

Other packaging

4.30m by 50m ( Roll ) - 215 sq mtrs

UGX 797,200

2m by 50m ( Roll ) - 100 sq mtrs

UGX 370,200

1.10m by 50m ( Roll ) - 55 sq mtrs

UGX 204,200

3m by 50m ( Roll ) - 150 sq mtrs

UGX 554,600

2m by 50m ( Roll ) - 100 sq mtrs

UGX 370,200

2.5m by 50m ( Roll ) - 125 sq mtrs

UGX 460,700

1.75m by 50m ( Roll ) - 87.5 sq mtrs

UGX 325,000

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