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Agro-cythrin 5 Ec – Systemic Pyrethroid Insecticide (Out of stock)

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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Agro-Cythrin 5 EC is a Commercial and agricultural Class insecticide. It is a systemic pyrethroid Insecticide having a strong contact and stomach action

Agro-Cythrin effectively controls a wide range of Insect pests particularly lepidopters in cotton, fruits and vegetables. It is used to control a wide range of insects including cabbage/soybean looper, Beet armyworm, Boll weevil, Cotton leaf perforator, leafworm, lygus Sp., Corn earworm, Diamondback moth, pinworm, Tobacco hornworm, Colorado potato beetle, corn borer, leafhoppers, tuberworms, armyworms, cutworms, Velvet bean caterpillar, bean beetles, etc.  

Active Ingredient: 50g/l Cypermethrin

Directions for use

Always ensure proper coverage while spraying.

Dosage (gr a.i/ha - Per 100ltr spray) – Cotton: 40-100, Lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes & potatoes: 40-80, Soybeans: 7.5-20, coffee: 15-40.

Registration Number: UgC/2018/001840/In/RRRRRRRRRRR 

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1 Ltr

UGX 18,800

500 mls

UGX 8,600

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