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Allwin Top – Fertilizer That Improves Plant Vigour, Growth And Productivity (Out of stock)

Supplier Bukoola Chemical Industries (U) Ltd
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UGX 3,500

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Product details

ALLWIN TOP ensures enhanced photosynthetic activity enables vigour and growth. Plants start producing its own natural PGR’s (plant growth retardants). More number of flowers, pods and fruits. Prevents premature dropping of flowers and fruits, Health crop, cost of saving on fungicides and micro nutrients, Crops saved in drought and excess rain condition, Quick acceptance in market for longer shelf life of produce. Safe to consume, suitable for export. Suitable to spray any time before harvest.

Directions for use

Dosage: Mix 40g per 20L of water and spray on crop foliage.

Other packaging

40 g

UGX 3,500

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