Avaunt 150 Ec - Contact Insecticide

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Avaunt is a contact insecticide that acts by inhibiting the nervous system of the caterpillar upon feeding on the sprayed area. It is used in the control of Diamond back moth (DBM) in cabbage, African bollworm in Tomatoes and caterpillars in Roses. 

Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb 15%.

Pre-Harvest Interval: 7 days.

Re-entry interval: 12hrs.

Rate of use: 300mls/ha (6mls/20ltrs).

Additional benefits of using Avaunt:

  • Fast protection from insect feeding damage within zero to four hours.
  • Long residual for reliable and lasting control.
  • Excellent UV, heat and wash-off stability plus residual for reliable and lasting control.
  • Preferred rotational tool for resistance management as the only Group 22 insecticide for labelled crops/pests.

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UGX 443,500

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