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Primagram Gold 660 Sc - A Herbicide For The Control Of Annual Grass Weeds In Maize. (Out of stock)

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Primagram Gold 660 SC is a pre-emergence herbicide for broad-spectrum annual weed control in maize.

Active Ingredient: 290 g/L S-metolachlor + 370 g/L Atrazine.

Formulation: Soluble Concentrate (SC)

WHO Classification: III.

Reg. Number: UgC/2018/001801/He/RRRRRRRR

Mode of Action: S-Metolachlor is mainly taken up through the shoots of germinating plants and seedlings. Weeds are therefore killed before emergence, at emergence or shortly after emergence. Root uptake is less pronounced and much lower than shoot uptake. Atrazine can be taken up by roots and leaves of the plants.


Mixing: 300mls/20ltrs of water. Rate of use: 3 L / Ha or 1.2 L / acreShake well before use. Replace cap after pouring. Primagram Gold must be applied at or shortly after planting but before the weeds or crops emerge (pre-emergence to the crop and weeds). The soil should have a smooth, firm surface, free of clods. To ensure good results it is necessary that application is carried out shortly before rain or irrigation, within 48 hours after good rain, but before weeds or crops emerge. If rainfall does not occur in time and weeds begin to emerge and develop, a light cultivation must be carried out with a rotary hoe to destroy these weeds and to mix the herbicide into the top 2-3 cm of soil. If spraying is carried out after irrigation, apply before the top layer of the soil is dry.

Maize: Apply Primagram Gold® as a pre-emergent treatment only. Early post-emergence application (up to 2 leaf stage of the grasses) is recommended on turf soils.


Pre-plant surface application. Only for minimum tillage or no tillage systems. Primagram Gold can be applied up to 45 days before planting maize or sorghum.

Pre-plant incorporated (ppi). Apply Primagram Gold to the soil and incorporate into the top 5 cm of soil within 14 days before planting using a finishing disk, harrow, rolling cultivator or similar implement.

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