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Mesurol Sc 200 – Insecticide And Bird Repellent (Out of stock)

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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Mesurol SC 200 is a very effective insecticide used to control thrips in French beans and Onions.  It is very effective for repelling birds which can damage seeds and seedlings and flower buds.

Active Ingredient: Methiocarb 200g/L.

WHO Classification: II.

Compatibility: Mesurol 200 SC is compatible with the most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Do not use with alkaline materials

Directions for use:

Seedlings: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce, Tomatoes: - 3.75 L/ha as a band spray over the crop row (Make the first application immediately after the crop emerges and repeat if necessary 14 days later so long as the crop is still vulnerable to damage by birds).

Seed dressing: use 1.5ltrs/100kg of seed. (Add the required quantity of Mesurol 200 SC and mix thoroughly to ensure complete coverage. A concrete mixer is satisfactory.

As bird repellant: 375 ml/100 litres and apply to the point of run-off using 800-1000ltrs of water/ha. (Apply at the first sign of bird damage, or as soon as birds are present in the garden in numbers, and buds have reached a susceptible stage. A single application is generally sufficient, unless heavy rain occurs when a re-application may be necessary. 

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UGX 64,800

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