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Easygro Calcium - Water-soluble (Out of stock)

Supplier Osho Chemical Industries Ltd
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Easygro Calcium is a water-soluble fertilizer with calcium, magnesium and other micro-elements for foliar feeding and fertigation.

It is recommended for use during:

  • Plant growth periods that require relatively high Calcium and Magnesium levels. 
  • During periods of stress when uptake and movement of calcium within the plant is reduced e.g., during heavy continuous rain and drought conditions.

Due to its high calcium content, it improves cell-wall formation and improves fruit firmness.

Directions for use:

  • Vegetables (Beans, Peas, Onions, carrots, Tomatoes, Chilies, etc.): Use 30-40g/20 liters water at a rate of 1-3kg/ha depending on crop.
  • Tree crops (Citrus, Coffee, Mangoes, Avocado, Cotton, etc.): Use 30-40g/20 liters water at a rate of 4-6kgs/ha depending on crop.

Apply as full cover spray on foliage and directly onto fruits at a 7-14 days interval.

Key benefits Benefits of Easygro Calcium:

  • Prevents and corrects blossom-end rot disorder, imparts firmness in the fruits,
  • Improves post-harvest keeping quality,
  • Highly soluble product readily taken up by plants and
  • Its micronutrients are chelated to enhance uptake.

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