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Girigiri/ Jjobyo - Spider Plant: High Yielding Local Vegetable (Out of stock)

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Girigiri/ Jjobyo is a prolific yielder and long harvesting local vegetable. Requires minimal management, grown for its leaves that are highly nutritious.  It is widely adaptable and does well in a wide range of soils. Spider plant is an erect herbaceous annual herb with hairy, often purple stems and many branches growing to a height of about one metre. The plant has edible leaves; each leaf has up to 7 leaflets spreading like fingers, which are usually 2-10 cm long and 2-4 cm wide. The flowers are rather showy, long and bearing many small white or pink flowers. The elongate fruit resembles a pod, but is referred to as a capsule, containing many small, dark seeds. Spider plant originated in Africa and Tropical Asia but now has a worldwide distribution. 

The leaves are eaten as a cooked green vegetable, have a mildly bitter taste and contain 5% protein, 6% carbohydrates and are high in vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Spider plant is used as a vegetable, and as such adds important nutrients to your meal. The leaves are usually cooked when fresh but may also be dried and stored for up to two years 

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