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Dudu Ethoate (Dimethoate 40Ec) - Systemic And Contact Insecticide/acaricide (Out of stock)

Supplier Bukoola Chemical Industries (U) Ltd
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Dudu Ethoate is a systemic and contact insecticide/acaricide for control of a wide range of insect pests on ornamentals, oranges, vegetable crops, coffee, apples, cotton, beans, wheat, sorghum, melons, etc.

Dudu Ethoate is foliar applied to control aphids, thrips, mites, whiteflies, leaf miners, planthoppers, moths, and different types of plant buds.

Directions for use

  • Use 30-40ml of Dudu Ethoate in 20L of water to control pests on beans, tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco
  • On coffee, mix 60ml per 20L of water.
  • Apply when the first pest appears and every after 14-21 days depending on rains or infestation.

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