Levo 2.4 Sl – Biological Insecticide With Broad Spectrum Activity On Sucking Insects

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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Levo 2.4 SL is a new broad spectrum biological insecticide for use on a wide range of crops against a wide spectrum of pests. Levo SL shows excellent efficacy against many species of plant-eating spider mites, yet it is able to discriminate and has a low mortality rate against beneficial insects and mites.

Levo 2.4 SL is a very effective insecticide with broad spectrum activity on sucking insects. It is used to control spider mites and aphides on roses and tomatoes.

Active Ingredient: Prosuler Oxymatrine 24g/L.

Rate of use/Dosage: 200-300 mL in 1000 L of water. (Actual dosage depend on crop and target pest)

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UGX 126,500

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