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Yaramila Unik 17 (Out of stock)

Supplier Yara East Africa Ltd
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YaraMila™ UNIK 17™ (17-17-17) is a high-quality compound, suitable for many crops needing a standard mix of NP and K. It has every nutrient in every granule, ensuring even distribution across the field every time. Every prill of YaraMila™ contains total N, P, K nutrition. YaraMila™ products include a balance of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, making the products significantly more effective than urea of ammonium-based fertilizers per unit of nitrogen. It dissolves quickly and evenly when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or after a night’s dew. In dry climates, the higher solubility of YaraMila™ UNIK 17™ products helps nutrients reach the roots where limited soil moisture is available. In tropical climates nutrients move rapidly into the soil, avoiding potential for soil surface run-off due to heavy rain.

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UGX 210,000

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