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This is an all-natural organic biostimulant that promotes healthy plant growth and healthy soils. Vitazyme is designed to be used as a supplement to a complete crop management system, never by itself. It reduces costs and increases productivity by enabling your plants to utilize soil fertility and water more efficiently. Soil moisture is needed to activate Vitazyme. Application; Growing Crops – Spray on leaves and soil, 1 to 4 times (according to crops), at 3 to 12 weeks intervals, with rates (1 – 1.2 liters per hectare). Direct Seed Row Applications – Dilute 1 part of Vitazyme in 99-199 parts of water (1 liter per hectare) onto seeds in row, prior to coverin, Seed treatment before planting – Treat the seeds with a dilute Vitazyme solution, as 250 ml of Vitazyme for seeds of one hectare.

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UGX 30,000

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