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Super Gro is a wonder drop that is effective, economical and versatile on crop performance. It is a multi-purpose surfactant that makes water “wetter”, Ensures optimal soil penetration, reduces run-off and evaporation, Enhances the benefits of plant foods and fertilizers mixed with the water, Results in the plants making better use of the water provided to them, supporting better growth.

Directions for Use

Fill a container of your choice with water, add corresponding Super Gro and agitate/ shake gently using any of the mix ratio. Spray or wet each crop/plant as a whole, the leaves, branches/stem, trunk and the soil around the crop/plant. Apply every 2weeks (minimum of 3 times per season of that particular crop/plant).

Mixing: 1 ml per 1 litre of water (20mls per 20ltrs of water)

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5 Ltrs

UGX 250,275

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UGX 69,225

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UGX 37,275

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