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Sc Sungura 301 – Maize Seed (Out of stock)

Supplier Agro Supply Uganda Limited
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UGX 21,000

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This is an ultra-early drought and heat resilient variety with good traits for precipitation challenged environments. It is an early maturing variety that takes 72-80 days to physical maturity. It is an excellent alternative to Sorghum and Millet cropping. This variety is tolerant to weather challenges, with wide regional adaptation under marginal conditions. It has semi flint grain texture with good tip cover. Just like the animal, Sc Sungura 301 is cunning and escapes the ravages of weather to sustain a yield of 25-30 bags of 90 kgs per acre within 72-80 days. Seed rate: 10kgs/Acre.

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UGX 21,000

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