Elfert . F - Trace Element Mix For Foliar Application.

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Elfert - F is an effective foliar spray to correct trace element deficiency. Application of Trace elements (micro elements) is most often ignored by farmers and yet they are vital to balance the uptake of Major nutrients (macro elements) and overall plant growth. For example, Magnesium is needed for the movement of Phosphorus into and through the plant; Sulphur is essential for efficient Nitrogen utilization, grain maturation and protein content. Adequate Zinc levels will improve nitrogen use in plant and improve protein levels. Elfert . F will provide your crops with all the required trace elements and boost your yields.

Content/Active ingredient: Fe EDDHA 5.345%, Zn EDTA2.672%, Mn EDTA2.672%, Cu EDTA 0.540%, B 1.088%, MnO 0.0533%.

Recommended rates of application

Tomato, pepper, eggplants, cucumber & Melons: 0.5-0.8kgs/Ha. 2-6 applications when the crop has sufficient forage to absorb the spray

Processing crops such as cotton, beans, peas, wheat, oat, sugar beet….: 1-2kgs/Ha. Apply after planting as soon as the crop has sufficient forage to absorb the spray

Grape Vines: 1kg/Ha. 2-3 Applications per vegetation cycle

Apples and pears: 1kg/Ha. 1 application before blossom and 1 after harvest. 

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25 Kg

UGX 779,600

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