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A water-soluble fertilizer with chelated micro-elements and bio-stimulants for foliar feeding and fertigation. It is recommended for use during: Plant growth periods that require relatively high phosphorous levels e.g., for seedlings, transplants, young plants. Periods of stress when active root growth is essential or has been reduced. With its high Phosphorous content, it increases plant water-use efficiency and improves use efficiency of other nutrients. It contributes to disease & moisture stress resistance and hastens plant maturity through better plant growth. Composition: N.P.K 1 8: 20: 21  plus Trace Elements (S, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Mo) & Bio stimulants. Formulation: Soluble Crystals. Dosage: All vegetables- 30-40grams per 20ltrs of water, Fruit trees and field crops: 80-120grams per 20ltrs of water. 

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