Stomp 455 Cs – Pre-emergent Herbicide

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Stomp 455 CS is a pre-emergent herbicide for the control of Setaria spp. in barley, annual grasses and some broad leaf weeds in wheat, sugarcane and maize.

Active Ingredient: Pendimethalin 455 g/l.

Mode of action: Stomp 455 CS is a meristematic inhibitor that interferes with the plant’s cellular division or mitosis.

Directions for use:

  • Half fill the spray tank with clean water and start agitation.
  • Shake the product before opening and measure the required amount of Stomp 455 CS and add into the spray tank. Add clean water and continue agitation or recirculation to the recommended volume.
  • Homogenize the spray wash by agitation (e.g. recirculation or stirring) during spraying.

Mixing and rate of application:

Barley, wheat, maize: 3.0ltrs/ha or 300 ml in 20ltrs of water. Use spray volume of 200ltrs/ha. Applied once. Pre-emergence of the crop. Apply Stomp 455 CS as soon as possible after sowing.

Sugarcane: 3.5ltrs/ha or 350 ml in 20ltrs of water Use spray volume of 200ltrs/ha. Pre-emergence application to weeds, in plant and ratoon cane.

PHI: 90 days.

Re-Entry interval: 24 Hour, unless wearing protective clothing.


Stomp 455 CS is capsulated and can be applied on dry soils. Some soil moisture must be present for the product to be activated. Best results will be obtained if rainfall or irrigation occurs within seven days of application.

Residual control may be reduced:

  • Under prolonged dry conditions.
  • On soils with a high Kd factor.
  • Where organic matter exceeds 6%.
  • Where ash content is high.

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UGX 523,700

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