Vermiplus – For Removal Of Odour & Eliminating Ammonia In Poultry Houses

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Product details

VermiPlus is an organic product that Removes odour and eliminates ammonia in poultry houses hence reducing stress on the stock and improves productivity.

Directions for use

Vermiplus can be Used in; Toilet surfaces, Restaurant surfaces, Hospital surfaces, home surfaces, Livestock and poultry houses, Treatment of wastes and sludge.

Application guidelines

Dilute 1L in 19-20L of water

Spray the surface and surrounds at least once per week

Apply with dilution in septic tanks and or latrines

Key Benefits: 

  • Significantly reduces undesirable odor within the surface
  • Reduces presence of flies and other insects
  • Reduces the use of agro-chemicals
  • Helps to obtain quality organic residues that can be used as compost

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20 Ltr

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