Glory 750 Wg -Mancozeb 700G/kg + Azoxystrobin 50G/kg

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Glory 750WG is a double powered systemic and contact fungicide

for the control of early and late blight on tomatoes and downy

mildew in roses and imparts greening effect to plants.

GLORY 750WG is a protective and curative fungicide, with anti-sporulant

properties due to:

Azoxystrobin: A highly translaminar, with rapid curative properties

fungicide. It is rapidly taken up by the green plant parts, transported

NOTE: Always read the product label before usage

Pre- Harvest interval: Tomatoes – 3 Days.

Re-entry period: 6 hours. As a general rule, treated areas should not

be entered before spray deposit dries

upwards in the sap stream and distributed in the leaves; it provides

control of fungi within the plant, inhibiting fungal growth and

reproduction, and protects new growth produced after application.

Mancozeb: is a protective residual fungicide, it provides a protective

film over the plant surfaces and inhibits germination of the spores.

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