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Stellar Star – Post Emergence Herbicide For Weed Control In Maize. (Out of stock)

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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Product details

Stellar Star is a broad-spectrum, post-emergence maize herbicide with the widest flexibility of application.

Active Ingredients: Topramezone 50g/l + Dicamba 160g/L.

Recommendations and rates of use:

Use Stellar Star when the weeds have germinated and are actively growing at 4-6 maize leaf stage.

Dosage: 100mls/20ltrs of water.

Rate of application: 400mls per acre (Actual dosage could vary depending on mixing accuracy and speed of spraying.

Formulation: Soluble Liquid (SL)

Benefits of choosing Stellar Star

  • The longest window of application which keeps you on time.
  • Post emergence application giving you flexibility in use.
  • Broad spectrum weed control saving time and effort .
  •  Safe on crop, tough on weeds giving confidence to the farmer
  • Two active ingredients with different modes of action which is excellent for resistance management.

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UGX 189,500

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