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Napier Grass is popular fodder crop for large and, small scale dairy farmers in the high and medium potential dairy production areas. It is a fast growing, deeply rooted, perennial grass growing up to 4 metres tall that can spread by underground stems to form thick ground cover. Napier is easy to establish and persistent; Drought Tolerant; suitable for cutting and very good for silage making

Napier Grass is a high yielding fodder crop with good palatability, Highly Nutritious especially when young, dark green leaves and less than 1 metre tall.

Napier Grass can be grown along with fodder trees along field boundaries or along contour lines or terrace risers to help control erosion. It can be intercropped with crops such as legumes and fodder trees, or as a pure stand.

Napier Grass is that it propagates easily. It has a soft stem that is easy to cut. It has deep roots, so is fairly drought-resistant. The tender, young leaves and stems are very palatable for livestock and grows very fast Napier Grass is an improved fodder grass that produces a lot of high-protein forage.

Seed rate: 10 Bags per acre.

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UGX 43,600

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