Match 050 Ec – Insecticide For Pest Control In Vegetables And Ornamentals.

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Match 050 EC is used for the control of diamondback moth larvae (Plutella xylostella) on kales; Caterpillars (Spodoptera exigua) and Thrips on Roses; and False codling moth on Capsicum.

Active ingredient: 50g/L Lufenuron.

Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC).

WHO Classification: III.

Dosage: In a 20litre knapsack sprayer use 25 ml (using 500 litres/ha water volume) and 40 ml using 300 L/ha water volume.

Pre-Harvest Interval: Kales: 14 days, Capsicum: 7 days.

Re-entry interval: 6 hours.


Add the measured quantity of concentrate to clean water in the half-filled spray tank. Maintain agitation while topping up. Always stir the spray mixture well and apply within a few hours. Prepare no more spray mixture than is needed for the immediate operation.

Application timing: Start treatment when the economic threshold is reached and repeat as necessary.

Note: DO NOT overdose by overlapping applications or by exceeding the recommended rate.

Spray interval:

Observe a spray interval of 7-10 days. Use the shorter spray interval in cases of heavy pest infestation. Apply a maximum of 6 sprays per season, then rotate with products with a different mode of action for diamond backmoth control.

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UGX 50,000

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