Tracer 480 Sc – Insecticide For Use In Vegetables And Flowers.

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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UGX 428,100

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Tracer 480 SC is a suspension concentrate insecticide with excellent efficacy on thrips, leafminers, and Diamondback moth on vegetables and flowers.

Mode of action:

Tracer enters the insect primarily through contact and ingestion. Contact occurs by direct application or by insect movement on a treated surface. Ingestion occurs from feeding on treated surfaces. Following entry, Tracer acts on a unique neuro-receptor site of the insect. Symptoms appear almost immediately and complete mortality occurs within a few hours. Tracer is not systemic but does show translaminar movement.

Active Ingredient: Spinosad 480g/ltr.

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250 ml

UGX 428,100

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