Wuxal (Macromix 24-24-18+Te)

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Wuxal Macromix is a foliar fertilizer containing high amounts chelated macro nutrients as well as all necessary trace elements. It’s a premium quality suspension concentrate, formulated using quality nutrient sources that is very safe to use.

Composition: NPK 24:24:18 + TE

Recommended rates:

  • Coffee: Use 1-1.5 ltr/Ha in 1000 litres water (start before flowering and continue over flowering at 2-3 weeks interval).
  • Tea: Use 1-1.5 ltr/Ha in 1000 litres water (after bud swelling and repeat after 14 days interval).
  • Cereals (Wheat, Rice, Barley): Use 1-1.5 ltr/Ha in 200 litres water (during stem elongation).
  • Maize: Use 1-1.5 ltr/Ha in 200 litres water (when plants are 15-25cm high, repeat at 14 days interval).
  • Vegetables: 1-1.5 ltr/Ha in 600-800 litres water (in conjunction with pesticides during periods of high nutrient demand).
  • Ornamental: Use 100-150ml/100 litres water (during the vegetative stages, do not spray directly on flowers).

Compatibility: Compatible with most fungicides, pesticides and herbicides.

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