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Silmite – Miticide For Control Of Spider Mites (Out of stock)

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Silmite is organosilicone for the control of phytophagus mites on roses.

Silmite works through penetration of Spidermites tracheae, resulting in mortality of Spidermites as a result of suffocation.

Silmite also works through the disruption of the lipoprotein matrix of intercellular membranes and by the action the change in hydro-phobic lining of the spiracles and trachea leading to flooding of the tracheal system and subsequent drowning of the insect

Directions for use:

Preparation of the spray Liquid: Fill the spray tank with half the desired amount of water. Add the required quantity of the Silmite constantly stirring. Then fill the tank with the remaining amount of required water. Do not store diluted solution overnight or for extended periods.

Dosage: 600mls/ha in 1000ltrs of water or 6mls in 20ltrs of water.

Application interval: 7-10 days.

Active Ingredient: 100 % Organosilicone g/L (Polyalkyleneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane 830 g/L + Ally propenylsomers 170g/L).

Re-entry Interval: 1 day (However, allow for the spray deposits on leaf surfaces to dry before entry).

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UGX 126,500

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