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Agro-pyrifos 48 Ec – Organo-phosphorous Non Systemic Insecticide (Out of stock)

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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Agro-Pyrifos 48 EC is a commercial and agricultural class insecticide. It is an Organo-phosphorous non systemic insecticide effective by contact, ingestion and vapor action against a wide range of insect pests on all major agricultural and horticultural crops.

Active Ingredient: Chlorpyrifos 480g/l.

Directions for use:

Dosage varies according to pest, crop and local conditions.

Cotton (Aphids, bugs, cotton leafworm, Boll worm, cotton Stainer, Aphids, Whiteflies,  

Thrips, Spider mites): 1.5-2ltrs/Ha.

Banana (Banana weevils-while planting): 20mls/10ltrs of water. Soak planting material, drench planting hole 2-3ltr solution per hole.

Citrus and other tree crops (Aphids, scale insects, thrips, Citrus red/rust mites): 125-200mls/100ltrs of water.

Maize-Small seeds (Stalk borer): 25mls/10ltrs of water.

Vegetables (Aphids, Leaf hoppers, Spider mites, Beetles, Stalk borer, Armyworm, Moths, Leaf miners, Thrips, Wireworms, Cutworms, Maggots, Cabbage worm, Whitefly): 1-2ltrs/Ha – 25-50mls/10ltrs of water at a spray interval of 10-12 days.

Pineapples (Mealybugs, Ants): 1.5-2.5mls/10ltrs of water. Drench soil after planting.

Coffee (Scales, Borer, Antestia): 20mls/10ltrs of water at a spray interval of 10-12 days.

Soil treatment (Termites and other soil pests): 2.5-3.5ltrs/ha – 75mls/10ltrs of water. Direct spray and incorporation into soil.

Registration Number: UgC/2018/001845/In/RRRRRRRRR 

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UGX 30,100

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