Runner 240 Sc – Highly Specific Insecticide

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UGX 274,500

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Runner 240 SC is a soluble concentrate insecticide for the control of Diamondback moth, Sawfly and Spodoptera spp. on Cabbages and Spodoptera spp. on Roses.

It has high specificity to Lepidopterous which make it safe against beneficial insects like bees. It is safe against insect orders like Heteroptera, Neuroptera, Coleoptera, …

Active Ingredient:  240 g/L Methoxyfenozide

Directions for use:

Rate: 0.5ltrs/Ha with a spray volume of 1,000ltrs/Ha.

Dosage: 10mls per 20ltrs of water (20ltr Knapsack sprayer) 

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UGX 274,500

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