Alben 2.5%

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Each 1 ml contains:

Albendazole: 25 mg

Properties & Indications:

  • Alben 2.5% is a broad spectrum mini-dose anthelmintic for the control of mature and developing immature forms of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult liver fluke in cattle, camels, sheep and goats:


Ostertagia, Haemonchus, Trichostrongylus, Nematodirus, Oesophagostomum, Bunostomum, Cooperia, Chabertia, and Strongyloides spp.


Dictyocaulus viviparous, Dictyocaulus filaria.Moniezia spp.

Adult Liver fluke: Fasciola hepatica.

  • Alben 2.5% is also ovicidal against fluke and roundworm eggs thus reducing pasture contamination.
  • Alben 2.5% is readily absorbed from the gut.


For Oral Administration Only

Cattle & Camels:

30ml/100 kg b.wt (7.5 mg Albendazole/kg b.wt).

In case of liver fluke infestation:

  • 40ml/100 kg b.wt (10mg Albendazole/kg b.wt)
  • Sheep & Goats: 10ml/50 kg body weight (5 mg/ kg b.wt).
  • In case of liver fluke infestation: 15ml/50 kg b.wt (7.5mg Albendazole/kg b.wt)

*Shake well before use.

*Do not overdose.


  • Do not use Alben 2.5% during the first month of pregnancy.


Withdrawal Period:

  • For Meat Consumption: 14 days from the last treatment.
  • For Milk Consumption: 5 days from the last treatment.


  • Store at room temperature below 30°C.
  • Do not refrigerate ,


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