Titan 25 Ec - Systemic Insecticide Against Thrips, Aphids, Leaf Miners And Whiteflies.

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Titan 25 EC is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation containing Acetamiprid. Titan 25 EC has residue action. Titan 25 EC provides control of Thrips, Aphids, Whiteflies and Leafminer. Titan 25 EC is a neonicotinoid with systemic and translaminar effect thus evenly distributed in the plants.

Mode of action: Systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action which disturbs the transfer of impulses in the nervous system.

Directions for use:

Preparation of the spray liquid: Fill the spray tank with half the desired amount of water. Add the required quantity of Titan 25 EC while constantly stirring. Then fill the tank with the remaining amount of required water. Do not store diluted solution overnight or for extended periods.

Dosage: (French beans & Tomatoes) – Spraying against Aphids, Thrips, White flies & leaf miners; Mix 1.0-1.6ltrs/ha in 1000ltrs of water or 50-80mls/20ltrs of water. Apply when first signs of pest infestation are seen.

Application interval: 14 days.

Pre-Harvest Interval: 7 days

Re-Entry Interval: 6 hours (Do not enter sprayed area until pesticide on the foliage dries up).

Rain fastness: Titan 25 EC is absorbed by leaf tissues. In areas where rainfall (outdoor plants) is high spraying when rain is expected shortly can seriously affect performance.

WHO Class: II (Harmful).

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UGX 64,800

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