Seek Bamboo Biochar Fertilizer – High Quality Organic Fertilizer

Supplier Bukoola Chemical Industries (U) Ltd
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product that gives excellent plant growth, rebuilds soil and offers higher production yields. It is made from Bamboo products, food grade organic matter, beneficial micro-organisms and amino acids of vegetable origin.

Method of use

Put into furrows or holes or broadcast and then cover with soil timely. The regular usage for different applications as below for reference. The certain quantity will depend on the specific type of soil, variety of plants, method of fertilization, climate, etc. Vegetables: 80-100kgs per acre, Fruits: 0.5-1kg per tree, Horticulture: 5-10kgs mixed with 100 kg substrate, Field crops: 100-120kgs per acre. 

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UGX 90,000

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