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Termidor 96 Sc – Insecticide For Controlling Termites (Out of stock)

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Termidor 96 SC is a termiticide for the control of Termites in buildings and construction industry that offers a long residual effect.

Active Ingredient: Fipronil 96 g/L

Formulation: Suspension Concentrate (SC).

Reg. Number: UgC/2019/002221/In/RR

Directions for use:

Dosage: 250mls /100ltrs of water (50mls/20ltrs knapsack sprayer)

(Termidor  96 SC is used in- and outdoors by professional pest control operators for preventive preconstruction and curative post-construction treatments against termites in industrial, domestic and public buildings as a chemical barrier. It can also be used to control termites in lawns and gardens. Termidor  96 SC should be applied in a manner to provide a continuous treated zone to prevent termites from infesting the wood to be protected.


All existing active termite colonies situated within 50 m of the structure’s perimeter (or within the property boundary, whichever distance is the shorter), should be treated with Termidor 96 SC (seebelow). The treatment of surrounding nests will assist in preventing attack on structures subsequently erected on the site. All cellulose containing material (wood, paper, cardboard etc.), that may serve as a food source for termites should be removed from the site before treatment. Any structures should in particular not be erected over such food sources (i.e., floors, slabs, paving etc. should not be built over lumber scraps left over from construction work).

Do not apply Termidor  96 SC to excessively wet soil. If more than 15 mm rain falls within 24hours after application, the application should be repeated unless the treated soil was adequately protected. In all cases the treated soil surface should not be disturbed after treatment, as this may damage the treated barrier, allowing termites access to the structure through such areas.


With remedial treatments it is important that the application is carried out in such a way that the Termidor 96 SC is distributed in a continuous layer in the soil under existing structures. The most common reason for the failure of remedial treatments is, that the remedy is not distributed in a continuous layer. Any gaps in a soil barrier treatment are rapidly exploited by termites, to gain access to the structure. This is particularly important under solid floors, where it is often difficult to get the remedy to distribute evenly under the floor in the compacted soil.

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UGX 50,000

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