Ralon Super Ew 144 – Herbicide For Weed Control In Wheat And Barley

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Ralon Super EW 144 is a selective post -emergence systemic herbicide for the control of annual grasses in Wheat and Barley.

Active Ingredients: Fenoxyprop-P-ethyl 69g/l + Mefenpyr-diethyl 75g/kg

WHO Classification: Active ingredient: slightly hazardous, Product: slightly hazardous.

PHI: 6 weeks after spraying.

Recommendations and rates of use: 0.6Ltrs/ha (from 2 – 5 leaves), 0.75ltrs/ha (from 5 leaves - early tillering.

Mode of Action:

Once in the plant, fenoxaprop-P-ethyl is quickly converted into the free D + acid fenoxaprop, which inhibits the biosynthesis of fatty acids leading to plant death. For the application in cereal crops, the fenoxaprop–P-ethyl formulation contains the safener mepenpyr-diethyl which absorbed by foliage and in cereals, enhances the rate of metabolism of fenoxaprop P- ethyl to water soluble non-phytotoxic products. No such enhancement is observed in grass weed species.

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UGX 728,500

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